Thanks for the blogging assist Brent!

I’ve been meaning to get this out and give proper thanks to Brent Ozar, aka BrentO on Twitter,  for his tutorials on how to start a technical blog. To say that Brent’s tutorials are helpful would be a HUGE understatement as I was essentially stalled before this latest attempt at a personal blog.

For years I have treated blogging like learning a foreign language; something I wanted to do but never got around too. Oh sure, once a year I’d start a blog at Blogger or elsewhere. I’d put honest effort and some semblance of thought into my first post; almost as IF I knew it would be the last. And once a year I’ll also find a new Spanish podcast and relearn how to purchase a train ticket in Barcelona. Both would die a short death filling me with resentment at efforts.

I was near tears with the tragic thought that the few search results for Jacob Hackl were going to be my races (hint: scroll way, way down…maybe a little further). Then along came Brent! I found Brent one day while doing some SQL Server performance improving SAN strategy search (or something like that). Anyway, I found a post he had about something and I’ve always been a dev guy with a data bent (or vice versa) so the content and I got along fine and I added Brent to my blogroll. Brent had a series of five posts about starting a blog and it caught me at the right time and I realized I needed to get off the pot and build something. If you are struggling its an awesome place to start and cover the whys, WordPress, Plugins, Themes, and Etiquette.

And with my first attempt at blogging etiquette I would like to kindly thank Brent Ozar for the help; you done good man.

A humble bow

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