Spinning made me mad and the Garmin Forerunner Reset

I have had the Garmin Forerunner 305 for years. There are newer models out like the triathlon focused 310XT but you can’t beat the bang for the buck the 305 gets you, especially if you shop around. Mine has operated wonderfully except for two instances where I have had to do a hard reset on it. The first time this came up the display would not ignite at all so I contacted Garmin support (who were wonderful) and they guided me through the decision tree until it reached the hard reset fix. A year or two went by and I was at another moment of crisis after a session of spinning. It was the first time I had brought my Forerunner to bike class and I was already a little self-conscious about it. Here I was bringing my running Star Trek GPS geek-fest watch into spin class where I was obviously going to be stationary. It was all because my workout logging website RunningAheadgarminforerunner305 added a feature that syncs with the Forerunner and imports all my workouts into the site. So if I can use the watch for any workout I do. I do JUST because it saves me typing time at RunningAhead. This also oddly explains why I have not been posting in the past few months as work has been hectic and not posting also saves typing time.

So I take spin, work hard and track it all and then go to clear the display on the watch when she freezes harder Keanu Reeves at a Shakespeare rehearsal. No problem I say. Go online, can’t find much other than the soft reset
which does bring it back up BUT ONLY for that use. Every single time I want to use it again I have to do a soft reset; a little annoying. I’m aware of the hard reset, I’ve done the hard reset, I must have an email from Garmin support about the hard reset, I should remember the hard reset…but obviously not. And searching the web for ‘reset’ on a running watch is a Google-stupefying experience. But since I’m a determined fellow I finally found it and now I bring it here to you (or more likely me in 2010 when the next crisis comes). Answers thanks to Garmin’s Wiki

Directions for Soft reset

Users may have various device troubles. If you’ve tried charging the device or upgrading the device software and you’re still experiencing problems, you may want to try a soft reset by pressing mode and lap at the same time.

Directions for hard reset

Users may have various device troubles. As a last resort we suggest utilizing the Hard Reset. A hard reset will reset the unit to all default settings and delete all history from the unit. This is accomplished by turning the unit on while holding the mode button. You will lose all your settings, but you can re-upload your profile by hooking up your device to Training Center for PC users and then tell it to download the history from your device. TC will then ask you which profile to use, if you answer TC, it will upload its profile into the device.

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