Build Your Skills Content from the Spring

This spring I hit up a Microsoft event over in Bloomington, MN hosted by Jeff Brand and I’m glad I did as it offers me a chance to learn material without reading or sitting at my desk which I do enough of and there is always the hope that you’ll see someone you know, get to meet some new, or by chance find CLIENTS. Dev events and conferences share something in common with my vacations…they don’t bring in revenue! Self-employed code ninjas like me don’t bill when we do these kinda things. Taking vacations don’t eat me up too much but sometimes these events can as can’t be sure if the content is worth your time. This one was.

Jeff posted the slides a ways back (Build Your Skills Content) and they’ve been in draft status waiting for me to publish…whoops.

I caught the first three speakers which were all good:

Profiling ā€“ Scott Colestock
Loosely Coupled Applications – Shannon Braun
Exceptions – Jason Bock

Missed these ones:
Intro to Unit Testing – Kirstin Juhl
Advanced Unit Testing – Raymond Lewellan

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