Mac Note: how to show all files and folders in OS X

As I continue my migration from Windows to Mac the learning just keeps on coming. I’ve ceased trying to manually install the development stack and am leaning on MacPorts now. I am still having some issues and realizing how my years of accrued Windows knowledge is of little help. Luckily I liked DOS and now PowerShell so I have quickly adjusted to life spent in the terminal window and now I’ve learned the secret that shall help me immensely…I’ve learned how to show all files. Writing that just feels lame as it shows I have a long way to go on my Mac journey. But even with that truth, my only regret about my Mac switch is that I didn’t hold true to my initial goal of writing about the adjustments when coming from the Windows Paradigm and .Net stack along the way; at least then I’d have notes about what happened in case I have to do this again! ouch.

In terminal write:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Then force quit Finder and you are good to go. Thanks to: MacWorld