Hoping to Make iPhone Toys as a Full-Time Job – NYTimes.com

Hoping to Make iPhone Toys as a Full-Time Job – NYTimes.com. Spring blog cleaning here; the fact that I’m an an inconsistent blogger is highlighted by this saved draft from 4/5/2009 regarding making iPhone apps a full-time job. Back then the plan was to write an iphone app (puts me is a small pool of people…ha), throw it out there for free, learn, promote, then make money with round two.

Looking back over the goal I set last year has been interesting. While I’ve made little strides in the development of this plan I have devoted time on the thought of my applications; and in that time the app world has changed and that changes my plan. MonoTouch is a Godfather horse-head in the bed for developing iPhone apps. I wasn’t likely going to use MonoTouch but I had downloaded and played around with their tools. With Apple’s latest headlines I’m certainly not swimming without objective-c now. Additionally, changes to the commerce model allows greater app flexibility and then there’s always the iPad. It’ll be interesting to see how the next year shakes out…

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