2009 Race Recap

Note: I’m doing some summer cleaning and found this unpublished post from October of 2009

Last week I ran in the Chicago Marathon (more on that later) and that closes the chapter on racing for 2009. Now I may dabble in a few fun runs but for the most part I’m going to focus on recovery, relaxation, and catching up with house projects before working up my 2010 goals. 2009 was a great year for racing for me for a few reasons. First, I took the triathlon plunge and really liked them; heck, I ended up doing four of them. Now I decided to try the tri because long distance running has left me pretty banged up since since 2007 and my last two stunk! In fact I had decree that NO MARATHON would be run in 2009 (for me only of course, you go ahead). Training for the tri left me feeling fresh and the swimming allowed my upper body to feel strong unlike marathon training which kills the beach bod! Most of the winter was spent in spin class and swimming (although you couldn’t tell by my swim splits this summer). Okay, the second reason 2009 was successful was that I broke the Jake Decree and signed up for Chicago. My run club buddies where all going and I had yet to run Chicago and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to run it with friends. So I wanted to recap 2009 race circuit…what a year. I started the year out of shape and then worked back into it for the tri’s. Then at the end of June I was sick for a solid month with little activity and my races suffered. At the end of July I did a 230 mile mountain bike trip in the San Juan mountains which started my road to recovery. I built up the running base after that and started getting in running shape again. RUNNING RACES

  • Chicago Marathon
    10/11/09 – 26.2 Mi 3:17:54 7:34

    Chicago is a major marathon and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to experience that with my running club buddies. Running a race with the support of friends is a treasure and the collective Chicago Marathon experience of the group is a major positive. Kelly and I made a long weekend of it and the race went as planned. I was playing it safe and going for a solid PR but not my BQ. My job was to pace Todd to mile 20 one a 3:20 pace and then I would take off from there, Todd ended up taking off on me! My splits were consistent though and I felt good. The Chicago support was beyond amazing, the mass of runners and spectacle of spectators made me realize I love the big races. New York, I’ll be seeing you.

  • PACE 5K
    Lake Nokomis – 9/26/09 – 5 km 19:25 6:15
    Good follow-up to the 5K the week before.
  • Bolderdash 5k
    Lake Nokomis – 9/19/09
    – 5 km 19:19 6:13
    PR – burned a little too fast at first but banked enough time to roll it in under 20 which was my goal.
  • Midnight Summers Run
    8/13/09 – 3 Mi 19:39 6:33
    Bummer of a run because they served light beer instead of Surly but I ran a good workout and beat Carrie Tollefson!! (Trust me, I have no illusions.)
  • Brian Kraft 5K
    Lake Nokomis – 5/25/09 – 5 km 20:17 6:32
    Good start but ran out of gas on back side.
  • Eau Claire 1/2 Marathon
    5/3/09 – 13.1 Mi 1:39:11 7:35
    Felt good and that I could hold the pace for a while. Think I could have cranked it up a little bit more but was real happy with the race especially given my running fitness. I was hoping for a 1:42 or so.
  • Get in Gear 10K
    4/25/09 – 10 km 43:18 6:59
    Pretty happy with this 10K. First one in three years I think and for not running much I felt like this was a good time. The second 1/2 was a little faster.
  • Human Race 8K
    3/22/09 – 8 km 34:34 6:58
    First race since last fall and ran it hard. I had a late night with Bill & Terri over for dinner and the legs felt heavy and I couldn’t catch guys like I wanted but I had a good kick at the end.

TRIATHLONS I don’t have good info on my tri times…or any notes from them as well. It was a whirlwind.

  • St. Croix Tri – 9/5/09 – Sprint overall place: 64 out of 511 division place: 7 out of 32 time: 1:14:53 swim: 11:34 trn1: 2:44 bike: 31:41 trn2: 1:38 run: 27:18
  • Lifetime Tri Olympic – 7/11/09 (sick)
  • Rochester Tri – Sprint – 6/28/09 (won clydesdale)
  • Buffalo Tri Olympic (First one ever) – 6/7/09