Great ad about a good redesign

While reading the Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal today I came across an interesting print ad. The ad covers a double page and on the left page is a stale, busy, overburdened design (think or a SEO spam site) marked up in red pen detailing the warts, over on the right page shows the redesign of Moviefone’s website which has a clean and streamlined feel while throwing in all the features new sites seem to expect: video, boxed areas, video advertisements with supporting geo-focused information (in this case where one may find a HTC EVO phone in the financial district of San Francisco), FaceBook, etc.  Here is a poorly lit photo of the ad from my phone.


At a first glance I was pulled to the gravitational force of the red pen. The criteque of the stagnant site hit home as I do this all the time; include the websites I work on where feature creep and years of add-ons have left a site that is stuck and in need of a makeover.

Of course Moviefone doesn’t have the budget for an ad like this and my assumption that the focus was on MovieFone’s 20th year anniversary was off. Turns out the focus is on AOL Advertising and a new campaign called project devil. More red pen!

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