MDC 2010 | Minnesota Developers Conference

Two weeks ago was MDC 2010 which is the Minnesota Developers Conference. I’ve attended this a few times before and I have a general overexcitement for conferences when signing up that wanes as the conference draws near. My excitement builds because I truly enjoy learning, I enjoy the energy of those that present, and I habitually plan on being a future presenter while never actually working on it (I need some hokus pokus). Finally, I am always ready to network and meet other independents/consultants and also meet business opportunities. But as a conference nears I end up assessing the opportunity cost of attending the conference versus billing that time and I remember that it is rare that folks at conferences want to chat, let alone network, and sadly most are excited to have a paid day to attend a conference. This means that I either cut it short or I skip it all together and end up donating the conference fee…not a real savvy business move. So, I decree here that I shall not attend MDC unless I’m presenting; that’s the side of the room I want to be on.

This years focus was improved IMHO as it moved more into non .NET areas. I’m primarily .NET in focus myself but exposure and rounding out the toolbox is a valuable lesson for many. I think it is important to be agnostic, even if you are MVP (which I am not); I don’t love .NET, I don’t advocate for .NET. The situation is what is important, when RoR is the right tool to use I use it, when Linq is the tool to use I use it, it may be PHP, CF, etc. Anyway, the schedule had numerous breaks which made attending a block rather cumbersome so I opted for one session which was “Building Solutions with Silverlight and the Microsoft Data Stack” with Mike Benkovich; it was a good session.

Slides are up for all sessions here:

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