Book Review: Pro LINQ

The other week I had to dig up my Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 book to lookup a Linq to XML operation. I figured I’d throw a quick thought out regarding this book. My purchasing of technical texts and books has slowed over the years due to the webs growth as a resource on all things but there is still a place for a well written book on a new topic or as a reference. Each year I purge my shelves of books that are now dated so topics like .Net 1.0 or the glory of and web controls. This book I’ll keep around for a while longer as its a great reference for showing the capabilities of Linq in a day-to-day setting. There is a lot of code in this book so it won’t end up being a front-to-back page turner like a more general text on something like MVC would be. It has been updated to a 2010 version but I can’t see a huge reason to spend the extra dough if the 2008 is at the used books store.

As I write this I see a 2005 C# text that should probably go and the .net 2.0 framework training kit text for the MCTS…anyone need a monitor stand? The books are yours!

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