The anatomy of a WordPress theme

I’m considering creating a theme for my WordPress blog and getting off the generic theme I use and see absolutely everywhere. I want nothing glitzy, just clean and simple design…I’m feeling like it will use a lot of white with contrasts between the areas (header, footer, loop, etc).

WordPress continues to impress me. When it comes down to it is still just a blogging engine so its not that this domain is complex but the way WordPress has impressed the community to build upon and leverage its ability to be extended has been remarkable.

Most developers have created blogging engines through their self-studies and my list includes: ASP, ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix, and Ruby on Rails but I still come back to WordPress because I have nothing to support and it melds much better than what I have the time and interest in doing.

For general content and marketing sites I always recommend WordPress to my clients and push them towards finding a solid custom theme. I have yet to connect with solid folks for WordPress theme designs so if you are interested drop me a line on twitter @jacobhackl.

For my own interests, here are introductions on themes and how to create them.

The anatomy of a WordPress theme – Yoast

Theme Development – WordPress

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