How I Eat – Part 3 – Information Sources

This is the third installment on how I eat. If you missed the first or second post feel free to take a look.

How I Learn

There is so much information today and some say it doubles every two years so how can you keep up? My take is don’t focus on the quantity and figure out what it takes for you to locate quality that aligns with your purview. This is an approach I had to learn when I first entered the tech industry 15 years ago as a web developer. There was always a new framework, programming language, and approach being written about and if I spent time researching them all I’d never be able to actually utilize them in building products for my clients. What worked for me was taking a high-level approach and asking simple questions like: “what differentiates this language?” and “Is it trying to solve a problem that is unsolved today?”

This still wasn’t enough and I needed to find sources that I could trust who could summarize and present trends in the industry to me. This would free me up to work (aka bill hours) while also allowing me to stay current. It takes time to figure out the sources you trust and I spent years accumaling them via books, blogs, and magazines and today we also have podcasts, videos, and social to sort through.

Hopefully I can help build trust

I think I can help you build that trust by sharing my sources and then you can take a test drive with each of them and decide if they belong in your reference section or not. I did not have this starting out and there were plenty of blogs, books, and podcasts that had poor content, misplaced motives, and bad production. I’ll only share those that I recommend and save the hate for the rest of the internet.

My Favorite – Gold Seal

If I could only choose one trusted source then I’d go with Angelo Coppola from the Latest In Paleo podcast and Humans Are Not Broken. Angelo has been putting out great podcasts for years now and was the source my wife and both like to listen too when we began our journey to better health. At that time we were painting our living room and we played the back catalog which have aged well; he’s now over 120 episodes. What I like best about Latest In Paleo is that Angelo acts as a news aggregator around health so you always feel current on what is being researched, talked about, and presented in the news. And while he has his own views on these topics, like we all do, he presents a balanced perspective and often leaves me thinking deeper about an issue or ideology. Also, he’s genuine and not a constant marketer / pitchman and produces one of the best podcast out there. I couldn’t recommend him more. As a fun note, I was able to work with him at a tech conference breakout team project when he was still working in the tech space and he was just a cool dude; that’s actually how I learned about his podcast.

I want more Podcasts

When I was starting down my journey I also like the Balanced Bites Podcast. The production quality wasn’t great but these two ladies present good material. For newbies their paleo pitfalls podcasts are very good. Here’s Part one.

The Bulletproof podcast is one I really enjoyed when starting. Dave Asprey is a smart guy who brings many good topics to the stage although I admit I listen less these days as the marketing and sell approach has been too amped for my liking for a while. He’s coming out with a book about his branded diet soon that I will give a read.


  • Tim Ferriss – the guy keeps busy, shares good content, and is entertaining
  • Robb Wolf – he puts out SO MUCH content its impossible to keep up but the material is solid

I want to hear from a Doctor

I hear you, we get comfort when we listen to our doctor even though their nutritional training may not be much more than yours. Here are some books I’ve enjoyed.

  • Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis – Is a great book and he has a blog as well.
  • Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers – Dr. David Perlmutter

Other Names

There’s loads more of course and I’m not intending on providing an exhaustive list but this is plenty to get you started if you choose too.