AWS’s use of Gartner

AWS recently came out with a short product marketing piece that highlighted Gartner’s cloud rankings from October of 2015 and AWS’s first place ranking in 4 cloud subcategories. Those working in the cloud space know of AWS’s strong position from both offerings and market share so who is the post for?

Gartner CC Product Scores for App Dev Use Cases image

The answer lies in the source, Gartner, who is akin to the Angie’s List for the Enterprise. Gartner, like Forrester Research, provides rankings, research, and analysis on a range of technology, primarily for the enterprise. The use case I’ve been involved with is selecting new enterprise software for a past organization I worked at. Now you can implement whatever selection process you want but at some point in time you’ll either be using a ranking from a research firm as a positive trait in your budget pitches or at least must be prepared to be questioned on their ranking.

The cost of these platforms are so immense for enterprise customers. My last experience was at a midsized bank and the budget for the integration platform we selected was a solid chunk of the overall IT budget; that was a big deal for us and required presentations to every level of leadership in the organization. Certainly large banks and other enterprises aren’t always incentivized to move fast in technology areas when the high cost brings serious risk and opportunity cost. So marketing posts like these used to help assuage that risk to the enterprise and provide the technology leaders within the research assistance when making their case for a cloud introduction to their enterprise. My suggestion, use risk to your advantage and leverage the ability to use the cloud as a potential failover in your HA environments.


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