What I Do At Work

I’m the Director of Product Development at SetSight, a Minneapolis based SAAS company that helps vendors mine their retail data for insights. SetSight brought me on as a part of a growth expansion effort as we look to becoming bigger players in the retail analysis space. My role is to focus on product as well as lead up the technical operations; I joined SetSight in 2013 after working with them in the past as a consultant.  We bring many solutions to retail while utilizing the fun stuff going on in the tech space like: NoSQL, Cloud, Analytics, API’s, and Agile.

What I’m Going To Do

My years running a software consulting practice brought me touch with many aspects of business but my favorites experiences were on starting new ones with the 3 startups I worked for in roles from CTO to Developer. Building products, teams, and companies is just plain fun and its what I’ve been doing for a long time; in the future I hope to start my own product-based endeavor.

What I’ve Done

I’m nearing 15 years in the software business including 8 years running my business, 3 years as a team lead during Web 1.0, and the past 4 working for Minneapolis based businesses in leadership roles. My past clients have been Fortune 100 down to the micro level in retail, manufacturing, music, and E-Commerce. My primary skill set is being a consistent leader who blends business acumen with technical abilities.  My undergrad was in chemistry and MIS, I have a Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a MBA from St. Thomas. You can read up on my experiences as well as my resume on LinkedIn.

About this Site

This site is a place for me to share my thoughts around technology, business, and topics that touch my personal interests at that time (currently olympic weightlifting and biohacking). Feel free to find me on Twitter (@jacobhackl).

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